This is a beautiful text effect! You can also do this using Fireworks. Follow these simple steps to give this glassy text effect.

Step 1

Paste an image on the canvas.

Step 2

Type a text on the image and position it wherever you want it to be. In this tutorial, two texts are used as you see in the above image i.e. Blue Skies and Green fields.

Step 3

With the text Blue Skies selected, got to the Properties window below the screen, select Effects>Bevel and Emboss>Raised Emboss.

Step 4

Now the Raised Emboss properties will be displayed as seen in the image below. Different property values are given for the two texts, since both have slightly different looks.

Step 5

The following values are given for the properties of the text Blue Skies : Width – 2, Contrast – 100%, Softness – 0, Angle – 30.

The properties for the Green fields text is : Width – 2, Contrast – 100, Softness – 0 , Angle – 314.

In both cases the option Show Object should not be checked.

Step 6

Isn’t this a marvelous Text effect!